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Final Boss Battle

Created by

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Assisted by

Preetham Gunalan

After enduring weeks of trials and overcoming every challenge the game presented, Naseem (Naz), Zara(Zee), Rohan(Robo), and Arjun(AJ) find themselves confronting the ultimate obstacle standing between them and the game's end.

They stand on the the very edge where a single misstep, a slight error in finger movement, or a misguided click could erase their progress, forcing them to replay countless hours. Meanwhile, the vibrant cityscape around them pulses with vitality, oblivious to their struggle.

Final Boss Battle

Creator's Note:

Delving into new workflows with Blender has always brought me immense joy. This time, I was determined to grow my skills while embracing Preetham's captivating design language. It proved to be an exciting experiment as we consciously decided to forego colours, contrary to my usual style, in order to capture a raw and grungy aesthetic.

This artwork draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, spanning from classic noir films and bustling Mumbai locations for the foreground, to iconic retro anime like Akira for the distant background.

A lot of thought went into the initial concept itself, which led us to multiple design overhauls before we could progress onto the next stage of building the scene in 3D. We really wanted to push the style language to capture the Mumbai 'chawl' aesthetic and build a world around it.

Apart from this, we also wanted to set this scene in a world where there are different advancements in technology – right from the holographic game the kids are playing to the different contraptions, billboards, and gizmos seen all around.

The biggest challenge was to try and capture the stylized aesthetic of the concept sketch in the 3D models. This led us to discover new workflows, which not only helped us speed up the process but also enhanced the way we could use Blender going forward.

The most fun part was filling up the scene with all kinds of moving elements – from the metro train in the background to the flying sheets of paper in front.

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