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Afternoon Siesta

Created by

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Assisted by

Vibhav Singh

"Why on Earth do I prefer noon for my 'endeavors'?" you inquire, genuinely puzzled.

Nyka, the eccentric private eye and extroverted assassin, laughs aloud. "Well, my dear, midday is when the world is in its deepest slumber. Everyone thinks it's safe to let their guard down. But that's precisely when I thrive, blending into the daylight's secrets. After all, what's life without a dash of unexpected thrill?"

Afternoon Siesta

Creator's Note:

I was super excited to step out of my comfort zone and delve into a new experiment with this project; My usual style tends to lean towards the moody and slow-paced, making this piece quite a contrast from the norm.

The key element that helped bring this scene to life was Vibhav's exceptional sense of design, in both art and music which took the initial idea to new heights!

In this project, we delved into the realm of 3D projection painting for the very first time. While a lot of our work was done in 3D, we needed to lay a solid foundation in 2D first, as seen by the character sketches and car concept art.We really loved this funcational-mechanical themed yet retro video game vibe for the design language which was super fun to play with. When it came to the colours, we opted to explore vibrant hues like bright yellow and pink as our primary theme, which was something that we had never really used before either.

Crafting the background cityscape was a fun process that involved a blend of 3D modeling and 2D painting techniques. Initially, we modeled the entire set in 3D before capturing a snapshot from the camera's viewport to serve as our canvas for painting in 2D. This painted backdrop was then seamlessly integrated back into Blender, where we projected it onto the 3D objects as a texture. Despite its seemingly complex nature, this workflow proved to be quite streamlined and efficient, allowing us to experiment freely with space and camera angles without being tethered to traditional perspective constraints.

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