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Falling Asleep

Created by

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Assisted by

Sailesh Gopalan

Join Nadia and her sleepy struggles on her quest for rest.

Falling Asleep

Creator's Note:

I've always been fascinated by that fleeting moment when you're just beginning to drift into a beautiful dream, only to be abruptly jolted awake by the sensation of falling out of nowhere. The challenge, however, lay in animating this experience, a hurdle now overcome with Sailesh's expertise.

In our latest 'In The Sidelines' experiment, it was my turn to leverage his remarkable talent for bringing characters to life. While from my side, I wanted the backgrounds to be heavily inspired by three things which I love: Ghibli films, DarkSouls (Fromsoftware Games) and dystopian cityscapes. It was also super fun to explore a mix of 3D and 2D which we can now take forward into our usual workflows as well!

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