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by M. S. Sripathy

Animated Film Intro


2D Animation

Launch Date

6 October 2023


VFX Pirates

It was a chilly winter morning, the perfect weather for a round of cricket before work. The ball was bowled, and the batsman smashed it into the sky. Most of us in the fielding team resigned to the fact that it was a sixer, but a mysterious fielder sprinted towards the descending ball, dove off his feet, caught it mid-air, and tossed it back to the bowler before he landed, all in one smooth motion.

As the ball landed in the bowler's hands, the whole team lauded this incredible acrobatic feat, but the fielder was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, the ball burst open and revealed a neatly folded paper that contained the words: "Opportunity to create the Intro Animation for the Tamil Movie ‘800’".

'800', by M. S. Sripathy, is a biopic on Sri Lankan international cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan, the record holder for most wickets taken in the history of the sport.

The intro focuses on the origin of cricket and its relationship with colonialism, and how it made its way to Ceylon, where the story of our cricketer began.

We enjoyed exploring a ‘paper cut-out’ style mixed with journalistic presentation to depict this story, and had a lot of fun trying out various techniques and symbolisms to paint a clear picture of how this history unfolded.

Full Team

Project Lead:

Preetham Gunalan


Preetham Gunalan

Sailesh Gopalan

Suman Manna

Background Art:

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Vibhav Singh

Aditya Prabhu


Derek Domnic Dsouza


Sailesh Gopalan

Vibhav Singh

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