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Modeltown Music

Animated Music Video


2D Animation

Launch Date

17 July 2022


Modeltown Music

It was the early days. The sun still lingered on the horizon, rising lethargically on our Studio. The summer dawn shone orange, which made it  all the more unnatural to see rainfall. It wasn’t just ordinary rain either, but a downpour of orange leaves that glistened even against the brightening sky.

It brought with it a melody so sweet that it transported us to a fantastical place. The melody was the brainchild of Rameez Anwar of Modeltown Music, who approached us in early 2021 to make an animated music video out of his vision for Chinari Dream.

“A man longs for his home and the loved ones he left behind. The man falls into a reverie triggered by the appearance of a single leaf from a chinar tree. The chinar tree beckons him home. But the reverie transforms into a nightmare as the man grapples with guilt and regret.”

The premise itself was brimming with magic, which freed us from the constraints of realism.

Our  sole aim was to accentuate the already beautiful soundtrack, which  allowed us to truly play with the visuals and storytelling. We took this  opportunity to experiment with and execute techniques that we are still using and perfecting to this day. The watercolour style took some studying to reproduce digitally, which proved to be both a challenge and a motivator for the project.

It was a pleasure helping Rameez achieve his dream for this track, and we are incredibly happy with what we ended up with!

Full Team

Directed by:

Vibhav Singh


Sailesh Gopalan

Preetham Gunalan

Background Art:

Vibhav Singh

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Character Design:

Sailesh Gopalan


Vibhav Singh

Sailesh Gopalan

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