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Studio Sideline

A Unique Show Reel


2D Animation

Launch Date

16 April 2021



A week into deciding to work together and starting an animation studio,  the four of us found ourselves face-to-face with an important question –  “How do we even know if this is a good idea?”.

We each had experience from several different projects, but how were we to put that together to create something worthwhile? With no option to delegate or outsource this dilemma, we decided to sit, cry, and worry our little minds.

At that very moment, a mysterious object came coursing through the wind. It was a small piece of paper, fluttering gleefully before landing right in the middle of our coffee table. We hadn’t known it yet, but its contents were the antidote to the poisons of our existential troubles.

It was blank. Just like our body of work as a studio.

So we decided to make an animated video together, because the only one way to get an answer to our question was to try. We had to announce ourselves to the world, and there was no better way than a ‘show reel’  to show everyone what we were capable of as a team.

But how do you get a show reel with just one video? You don’t.

Which is when an idea struck our already fried minds like a jolt of electricity from a faulty water kettle - the show reel itself could be the video!

After a series of long and excited discussions, we arrived at the idea of  telling four separate stories in four different styles, woven together to form a quasi-show reel. We named it ‘Intro Reel’ after the deities Introjeet, God of Trial and Error, Reelena, Goddess of Togetherness, and Asam, God of Irrelevance.

What was originally planned as a 1-minute video ended up being 3-minutes long, but we achieved what we set out to do. Having experienced working  together and realising what a good team we make, Studio Sideline was ready to take on the world!

Full Team


Sailesh Gopalan

Preetham Gunalan

Vibhav Singh


Derek Domnic Dsouza

Background Art:

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Preetham Gunalan

Vibhav Singh


Sailesh Gopalan

Vibhav Singh


Vibhav Singh

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