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Love, Death + Robots

Animation Clean-up


2D Animation

Launch Date

21 May 2022


Titmouse Inc

The doorbell rang.

Anxiety peaked as beads of sweat rolled down our cheeks, and we looked towards the main door. We never had visitors.

All  of a sudden, the wall behind us shattered with a loud crash. We turned,  and dust and debris filled our sights. The smoke had barely cleared  when we noticed a beastly silhouette with bright red eyes peeking out  from behind the giant new hole in our studio wall. Sharp yellow-white  teeth snarled at us as we resigned to our untimely fates.

Right then, the door burst open behind us and in walked Benjy Brooke.  He pulled up a strange device with the symbol of a small bird on it,  pointed it at the beast and fired. A shrill sound made the monster  behind the wall writhe in agony and run away.

“F***ing honey badger”, he said, coolly turning towards us. “Come with me if you want to Love, Death + Robots.”

That may or may not be how it happened, but it sure felt this amazing when Benjy Brooke and Titmouse Inc brought us into this project.

We joined as cleanup artists, but little did we know we’d be working alongside a team of some of the best names in the animation world! The animation team was an absolute superpower (watch the end credits and  you’ll know what we mean), and it was an incredible honour to play even a small part in this production.

We cannot thank Benjy enough for reaching out to us. And, of course, special thanks to Ryan DeLuca (Cleanup Supervisor) and Charlie Sweitzer  (Producer) for being the nicest people ever and helping us through this  project!

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, go watch it now!

Full Team


Sailesh Gopalan

Preetham Gunalan

Animation by:

Ricard Ubach

Lou Victor Karnas

Diego Porral

Kaycee Nwakudu

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