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Seedhe Maut x Sez on the Beat

Animated Music Video


2D Animation

Launch Date

3 June 2022


Azadi Records

It was a cold, unsuspecting afternoon in the final days of summer when it happened.

Neither the crows perched at our studio’s rusted windowsill nor the greying clouds of prematurely overcast Bangalore skies prepared us for what was coming our way – an email from Azadi Records to make an animated music video for Seedhe Maut x Sez on the Beat’s new track ‘Maina’!

The floor did not appreciate the coffee spilled that day.

Packed  with nostalgia, wholesomeness, and just the right amount of bird poop, the concept had everything we love in a video. Teaming up with director  Nisha Vasudevan and Supari Studios, we set out on an adventure to depict  this story of a boy's shitty relationship with a mynah.

Intending to make the most of a five-week long production, we chose a style that  made use of clean lines and a limited colour palette. Combining 3D and  2D techniques for the backgrounds allowed us to play with dynamic camera  movements without compromising on detail. This meant we could spend more time and effort into making the little boy's life look as  endearingly miserable as possible.

What  we ended up with is something quite special. We were incredibly fortunate to be working with an already masterful track by Seedhe Maut  and Sez on the Beat, and are really proud of how this music video turned out.

Full Team

Project Lead:

Vibhav Singh


Vibhav Singh

Preetham Gunalan

Character Designs:

Sailesh Gopalan


Sailesh Gopalan

Preetham Gunalan


Derek Domnic Dsouza


Vibhav Singh

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