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AMC+ Animated Series

Animation Clean-up


2D Animation

Launch Date

1 September 2022


Titmouse Inc

The  day we realised the universe has to be a simulation catering to our  desires was the day we got approached to work on Pantheon. But we  weren’t going to let the existential dread come in the way of  contributing to this fantastic project.

Working directly with Ed Tadem (Retakes Director) and the amazing crew at Titmouse Inc, we were part of a larger team doing retakes of several shots across all episodes of the season. Our work mostly involved animation clean-up and colour, with the occasional tiedown tasks.

There isn’t much more to say about the project other than that we loved the opportunity to work with some absolute rockstar animators once again, and it was a pleasure to be part of this amazing team and amazing series. And, as always, special thanks to Charlie Sweitzer (Producer) for bringing us on board.

Full Team


Sailesh Gopalan

Preetham Gunalan

Animation by:


Gaurav Wakankar

Ed Tadem

Florian Perron


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