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Free Fire India

Character Design & Background Art


Mixed Media

Launch Date

26 August 2021


Isha Mangalmurti

The  sound of gunfire above brought our attention to the skies. A parachute  gently glided towards the studio, carrying a tiny package with a strange  emblem on it. As we watched, it landed in our balcony… and exploded.

It  was a small, mostly harmless explosion, but we can still remember the  crackling and hissing as ash filled the air. The smoke eventually  cleared to reveal, at the site of the explosion, an invite from Isha Mangalmurti to help out on Free Fire India’s 4nniversary music video - Sab Khiladi!

Our tasks were simple -

Character Design

We took on a total of eight characters, four on each side.

On  the protagonists' side, four new characters from the game had to have their designs simplified for animation, and be given the likeness of the four rappers from the music video - Rahul Rahi, Maze, Noor, and Naveen.

For the antagonists, we had to simplify existing character designs from the game to be better suited for animation.

Background Art

The  story was set in a fictional rendition of the slums of Dharavi, splashed with colour and vibrance to match the feel of the game and characters. We adopted a style suited to the video and the project timeline, but one where we could spend a good amount of time filling up the smaller details on frame.

Full Team

Character Designs:

Sailesh Gopalan

Character Sheets:

Sailesh Gopalan

Preetham Gunalan

Background Layouts:

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Vibhav Singh

Background Clean-up:

Preetham Gunalan

Sailesh Gopalan

Background Painting:

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Vibhav Singh

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