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When Chai Met Toast

Animated Music Video


2D Animation

Launch Date

21 March 2023


When Chai Met Toast

It was half-past lunchtime and our tummies roared.

We rummaged the kitchen for whatever we could scrape together and managed to find some chai and toast.

As soon as we placed them together on a plate, they exploded and flooded  the room with cherry blossom petals that fluttered slowly and rhythmically to some beautiful music. We looked at the plate and were  surprised to find a mouth-watering assortment of sushi arranged neatly in rows, with a handwritten note sticking out from beneath.

We resisted the distracting allure of the sushi to quickly read the note, which turned out to be a request from the wonderful When Chai Met Toast for an animated music video for their new song – ‘Sushi Song’!

The song had the best themes – travel, adventure, romance, and Japan! It  was exciting to come up with a story that complemented the lyrics, with visual styles inspired by Japanese culture, media, and products.

Overall,  we’re super grateful to WCMT for the opportunity to bring this music  video to life, and really happy with how it turned out!

Full Team

Directed by:

Sailesh Gopalan


Sailesh Gopalan

Preetham Gunalan

Background Art:

Derek Domnic Dsouza

Vibhav Singh

Chedil K Marak


Sailesh Gopalan

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